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Course Description

This is a popular holistic therapy that works on the principle that reflex areas on the feet and hands correspond to areas of the body. This comprehensive course will educate and train students on the original method of reflexology to a standard of competence and confidence that enables you work upon members of the public safely ethically and professionally. 

Course Contents:

•    History & development of reflexology
•    Zone theory
•    How reflexology works
•    Mapping of the reflexes of the feet
•    Assessing imbalance
•    Health safety & hygiene
•    Client consultation and assessment
•    Indications, contra-indications and contra-actions
•    Record keeping, aftercare
•    Practical reflexology techniques

Entry Requirements – No previous experience is necessary. Students must hold a recognised anatomy & physiology qualification; this can be undertaken along side the reflexology course.

Course Duration 4 Days

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