Injectable Aesthetics Botox Course

Price: £3,000.00
Sales price without tax: £2,500.00
Tax amount: £500.00
Course Description

Foundation Botulinum Toxin Training Course

Our foundation botulinum toxin course is your starting point for a profession in the rewarding industry of aesthetics. Whether you are looking to enhance your personal development or gain more from your professional career our foundation course will provide you with the knowledge, expertise, business and practical skills to propel your carers in aesthetics.

Training days: 2 days
Plus additional attendance to accommodate completion of 15 case studies.
Prior to your training course you’ll be required to complete a pre-programme education module (including completing pre-course assessment questions) to prepare you for your classroom experience.

Course Contents


•    History of botulinum toxin
•    What is botulinum toxin
•    How do they work
•    Different types of products
•    Who chooses to have botulinum toxin?

Anatomy & Physiology and Pathology

•    The skin’s structure and functions
•    Skin types and conditions
•    Skins diseases &  disorders
•    Blood circulatory system
•    Lymphatic system
•    Skeleton system
•    Muscular  system  
•    Nervous System

Facial Morphology / Structure study /injection sites

•    Face shapes ageing process
•    Facial muscles and injection sites
•    Forehead lines
•    Glabellar Frown lines
•    Crows feet

Understanding the Apparatus and Needles

•    Storage of products
•    Reconstitution of botulinum toxin
•    Assembly of product
•    Anaesthetics
•    Needle gauge and lengths
•    Needle depth
•    Injection techniques
•    needle gripping and handling  
•    Using different needle

Hygiene, Health & Safety

•    Personal hygiene
•    Hygienic environment
•    Clinical waste disposal / License
•    Prevention of infection
•    Disease transmission
•    Asepsis – antiseptics – disinfectants and sterilisation
•    Accident prevention / procedures
•    Emergency situations - First aid - life support –anaphylaxes
•    Basic medicines and interactions
•    Legal regulations
•    Date protection
•    Prescription regulations

Pre-Procedure Preparation

•    The consultation
•    Photography
•    Allergy testing/ recording
•    Consultation documents
•    Procedure eligibility
•    Contra-indications
•    Precautions – cautions and side effects
•    Client motivation, tastes and expectations
•    Setting up your work station


•    After care advice
•    Follow up procedure
•    Describing the healing process
•    Dealing with post procedure difficulties
•    Side effects

Setting Up Your Own Business

•    Guidelines for setting up your own business
•    Getting pricing right
•    Choosing the correct insurance company

Marketing Your Services

•    Client referral commissions
•    Networking with beauty business and cosmetic surgeons
•    Tried and tested ways to promote your business
•    Creating a website that generates you business
•    Show-casing your work with a great portfolio
•    How to hold a presentation day
•    Transferring enquiries into bookings

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