1.    How do I enrol?

simple! Just fill out the Application form here on this website, or call us on 01274 686330 and we will send one out?

2.    What happens then?

If you fill the web form out, one of our admin staff will call you back within 48 hours to take payment and we will send out your confirmation letter with all the information you need to begin your course

3.    How can I pay?

You can pay by paypal if you add the course to your cart. Alternatively, we take card payment at the college or over the phone. You can pay cash at the college, or if you wish to pay by cheque, we only ask that your cheque is cleared before you commence the course. All course fees are subject to VAT.

4.    Do you have any  payment options?

As all our courses are privately funded (that means that we don’t receive any state funding and, unfortunately, you have to pay the total amount), we normally require up front payment before you can commence a course. However, we fully understand the economic climate at the moment and in certain circumstances, we will enter in to an internally agreed payment plan. This means we don’t use any finance company or charge interest, but we are prepared to allow staged payments. We only ask that your deposit covers all our initial outlays, (booking of the room, tutor and any registration fees), then stage the payments to reflect your progression through the course. This means that if you have been delivered 50% of the course then your payments should represent 50% of the course cost. Our overriding rule is that you cannot complete your course, or be issued any certificates, until your course is paid in full. We do reserve the right to suspend your course if your payments don’t match the above criteria, however we do not have an expulsion policy, and on resumption, of payment, you will be welcomed back in to the course

5.    What happens if something happens in my personal life and I can’t complete the course at that particular moment?

Don’t worry !!! at Ashwood Academy we understand that sometimes events occur which are out of your control and for one reason or another you are not able to continue your course at that particular moment. Therefore, in certain circumstances we are prepared to allow you to suspend your course for up to 12 months, where you will be able to re-join your course and you fees will be honoured. However, it is to be recognised that this policy is at the sole discretion of the academy and you must formally request this before you begin your break.

6.    Where is the College Situated?

Directions to the college can be found on the contact us page

7.    What are the class sizes?

Classes are capped to 6 students per class to ensure maximum quality tutor input and access to advice. We also offer one to one training courses.

8.    What are the staff and the tutors like?

All our staff and tutors are featured on our meet the team page and can be contacted by phoning the college on the contact us page

9.    Do I need to buy anything before I start my course?

No. the academy provides all equipment and products required to undertake your course while you are in the college. We do request an informal dress code as outlined below

10.    What are the class times?

Day classes start at 10am and finish at 3pm, to allow for any child care needs. Evening classes start at 6pm and finish at 8.30pm, and when afternoon workshops are run, they start at 3pm and run until 6pm.

11.    What happens if I can’t attend some of the classes?

Don’t worry!! Most of our classes are run on a role on role off basis. This means that we have the flexibility to allow students to miss some classes, and stand back in them when the subject is next delivered. This is of course still subject to our maximum of 8 students per class.

12.    Is there a dress code?

This is an adult training establishment and uniforms are not strictly required, although we do ask that you appreciate our basic rules of no high heels, no jewellery, and long hair tied back. However, during practical assessments, dress code is required, and this can be found in our student induction booklet, which is available from our reception.

13.     Are there any other college rules?

Yes and these can all be found in our student induction booklet, which is available from our reception.

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