Ear Piercing

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Course Description

Ear Piercing

This course gives you a detailed account of the products used and how to pierce an ear. A complete and thorough demonstration of the ear piercing process is given and then students will practice piercing of the lobe under close inspection.

Course Contents

•    An overview and description of products and equipment used on the course
•    Complete and thorough explanation of the ear-piercing process
•    Piercing of the earlobe practical assessment
•    Consultation Skills and Client preparation
•    Contra-indications
•    Aftercare and Homecare
•    Pricing & Marketing
•    Retail
•    Contra-indications & contra-actions
•    Client care and communication in beauty related industries
•    Follow health and safety practice in the salon
•    Laws surrounding ear piercing

Entrance Requirements – No previous experience or qualification is required

Course Duration 1 Day

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